Mutual Heights

HERO Mutual Heights - Old Mutual (15)

The Mutual Building in Darling Street, Cape Town was completed in 1939. It was built as the headquarters of the South African Mutual Life Assurance Society, now the “Old Mutual” insurance and financial services company. It was completed in 1939 and opened in 1940, but before the end of the 1950s—less than 20 years later—business operations were already moving to another new office at Mutual Park in Pinelands.


Residential Higgovale Home


A family home of grand proportions, built on a large property in Higgovale. The designer’s concept was a European style slim steel frame to maximise views available from the site and to lend a light industrial feeling to the house. Integrity of materials was important to the designer and generally the finishes in the house suggest this as a unifying concept throughout.


Conduit Interior

Bootlegger at the Point centre (5)

A steel and glass installation of the FORMAN F7 system recently completed for Conduit Interior design. Mr Grant Johnson of Condiuit commissioned these interior office partitions.


Tokai Residential Home

Bootlegger at the Point centre (5)

An industrial chic complete rebuild of an old house with new Metal Windows red galvanized Steel products. Larry custom designed each window and door to optimize the space and interior/ exterior flow from the property which is set in a large forested garden. /p>


Steel Residential Home

Steel Residential Home - Bev Hughes

Steel & Glass Front doors, sliding doors and fixed panels.


Franschoek Residential Green House


This working boutique Green House is situated adjacent to the main house. It is set in an olive grove complete with a chandelier and views of the Oliphants Hoek Mountains.   


Residential Family Home Claremont


A complete home renovation using Metal Windows steel products custom designed by Larry.  Galvanized steel products in various configurations were manufactured to optimize light and interior exterior flow.  


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