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In line with Metal Windows innovative approach to window and door design, our team has recently created a brand new super-slim steel-look, Aluminium system – The F16. This interior partition and shopfront system has been used for the first time throughout the 2nd Floor of the newly renovated “The Harrington”, in the LVLS and Blend property offices. The Forman F16 slim-line system is the very first significant (stunning) alternative to the generic aluminium systems that have been in use for decades. The Forman F16 system offers thinner 30mm sightlines with invisible glass retention and significant height and glass spacing capabilities. This steel-look system is on trend, with the added advantage of low maintenance and a sleeker finish. The system is available powder coated in any color and is exclusive to Metal Windows.

Pause Perfect: This Cape Town home combines classic and modern design.

This bold, design driven home is hidden on a quiet Higgovale street, on the slopes of Table Mountain. A double storey family home of grand proportions, built on a large property, with 360° views of the magnificent City Bowl.


The architect is Jacky Cattel of Jaclyn Cattel Architects. Her vision was a European style slim steel frame to maximise views available from the site and to lend a light industrial feeling to the house. Integrity of materials was important  and generally the finishes in the house suggest this as a unifying concept throughout. Larry was called in to design windows & doors  in consultation with Jacky, to complete this vision.

Metal windows custom designed hinged and sliding versions of similarly configured doors and sidelight panels. FORMAN Brand products, superior quality products were used throughout the house, with particular attention to scale inkeeping  with the volume and size of the house.


In the steel sliding door panels a hybrid system of draught exclusion was specially developed for this house. The new draught excluding  system was developed by Larry Forman and his technical team borrowing lessons learned from the Aluminium Window and Door fabrication they have done for so many years. The result is fantastic with all the benefits of a well sealed aluminium sliding door and the slim line steel framing in one product!

Accent windows were added in the form of multiple clerestory windows set high up in the walls, some above other openings and others in blank walls, these contribute to the light ingress.

The stacking of massive small pane fixed windows above large format steel doors really delivers a great sense of open space, light and volume, in the atrium which forms the central core and grand entrance to this family home.


This magnificent project was completed in collaboration with Jaclyn Cattel Architects,  Keith Cattel – Quantity surveyors, Silver Birch Kitchens and Gelbuild Contractors.


Porching, It’s A Way Of Life


Summer is slowly making its way in, days are longer, the light is clear and energizing,and the evenings perfectly balmy. Call it what you will it’s time to start porching. You can “porch” on a “stoep”, a balcony, a sunroom or veranda. An informal place to while away summer evenings, with a beer & a book. Or spend lazy week end afternoons with a cuppa and a board game, in comfortable chairs, and maybe a dog. Fashion an outdoor living space layered with a rug, tables, rocking chairs, colorful pillows and bring blankets out if there’s a rare crisp evening.

In Cape Town, the porch is an arm of your home that transitions to an outside room. There’s a certain anatomy to the right front (or back) porch, and each family will have their own preferred aesthetic to build upon. Gather a handful of friends outside to play guitar, maybe a harmonica, and sing. Spend quality time outside, make a braai, play games, and stay out until bedtime.


The beauty of transtitional spaces is their versatility. Folding stacking doors that open to the outdoors. Or French steel sliders that frame the space and allow good ventilation. Enclosed balconies with slide away enclosures that disappear most of the way giving you an extra room with the option of outdoor living. An unused outside area can be covered with a glass & steel or aluminium roof and doors that add the option to enjoy the outdoors on cooler days too.


While porching is the most casual of activities, to many it’s a lifestyle to be taken seriously.
I’ve included some photos of ideas to whet your appetite and inspire you to create a space. Contact us on 021 448 4333 or and we’ll assist you to create this oh so South African icon.

Does Metal Windows Do Bathroom Renovations?

Yes, we absolutely do bathroom renovations. When it comes to bathroom design, at Metal Windows we’ve got inspiration in droves.  From petite powder rooms to palatial master baths, we can do it all. Browse through some of our favorites and then give us a call to help complete your dream bathroom.

With our FORMAN Brand systems, we are always thinking out of the box. Examples include Steel slim line French pane shower doors,  Aluminium, sliding horizontal pane shower doors,  Aluminium hinged shower doors,  and Frameless glass shower enclosures.

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Some Metal Windows bathroom tips:

Use wide, landscape oriented mirrors to make a narrow bathroom appear wider. To make a low ceilinged bathroom feel more spacious use  taller portrait oriented mirrors.

We do custom shaped and framed mirrors, including steel, aluminium & beveled mirrors, like the ones for the Alphen boutique hotels bedroom and bathroom renovation. (see photo)

Another bathroom renovation update idea: Matching  Dark window frames  with sleek dark steel or aluminium  shower enclosures give great contrast to an all-over white  or neutral bathroom design.  (see photos)

For a more sophisticated rustic looking bathroom renovation use  custom steel  windows, doors and

shower enclosures in  combination with wood accents.  This can take the form of wooden flooring, a wooden vanity  or  add an interior architrave  wood frame surround to your aluminium or steel windows (see photo)

For a crisp sleek look master bathroom renovation combine clean subway tile, industrial steel  & glass doors and a luxurious bath tub.

We also offer custom only, steel frame cabinets with mirror or glass inserts, using our patented FORMAN Brand steel systems. (see photos) Contact us on 021 448 4333 to make an

appointment with one of our experienced sales representatives.


Metal Windows Winter Competition

Metal Windows Winter Competition 2018

Enter our Winter Warmer Competition! Win a Delicious Charlys Bakery chocolate cake !

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Mutual Heights , Darling Street, CapeTown

Mutual Heights - Old Mutual (11)

An interesting restoration and repair project which has taken place over a number of years is the iconic Mutual Building in Darling Street, Cape Town CBD. It was built as the headquarters of the South African Mutual Life Assurance Society, now the “Old Mutual” insurance and financial services company. It was completed in 1939 and opened in 1940, but before the end of the 1950s—less than 20 years later business operations were already moving to another new office at Mutual Park in Pinelands.

Water Saving Tips from Metal Windows

rain cloud icon

At Metal Windows we pride ourselves on being eco friendly, from keeping our Kombi vans running for literally 10’s of years, to re-using 2litre cooldrink bottles to mix up our waterproofing additive mix. We use a minimum amount of water to clean windows after installation. We use grey water instead of tap water for mixing and cleaning. We stopped washing our vans, many months back, a dry wipe down is the new clean. Small changes in your daily life allow you to save a lot of water, multiply that by all the people in your family; your office; your school and your community and we can make a huge difference and postpone or avoid day zero entirely.


Cleaning & Maintenance Procedure

for your new aliluminium windows & doors.


Cleaning and Maintenance

No organic paint coating, like that on your windows and doors, is actually “maintenance free”. This is especially true when the new products are installed in coastal areas (like the Western Cape) or areas with a high level of industrial pollution. Here is the advice you need regarding the frequency and the recommended method for cleaning your new products.

The modern organic finish which we have applied to your windows and doors is identical to the coating on your car, and therefore requires a similar degree of care and attention to that which people lavish on their cars’ bodywork.

The frequency of cleaning relates directly to the particular environment in which the products are situated.  In areas within the direct vicinity of salt water and/or industrial chemical plants, windows  should be cleaned at least every 3 months. In relatively cleaner environments, every 6 months should be sufficient.

When cleaning the outside of products, the inside surfaces are often neglected.  After a period of time, grime and deposits from tobacco smoke, fireplaces, etc. can discolour the inside of the window frame.  We recommend that the inside of the frame be cleaned at least once per year.


Update Your Home


Are you looking to update your home’s visual aesthetic, save energy   and let in more light?  Updating your home’s windows and doors is the answer.

 A popular trend  in architectural design today is replacing windows with doors to incorporate transitional living into homes.  This trend is redefining home design for many  homeowners. You can fit a lot less frame and include a higher proportion of glass, which affords you the best views  of  the outdoors and maximizes light.  This creates a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.  


Steel Windows on Trend in Design Today


Gerrit Thomas Rietveld  was a Dutch furniture designer and architect. One of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement called “De Stijl”, Rietveld is famous for his Red and Blue Chair. He aimed for simplicity in construction and was invited by Walther Gropius to exhibit at the Bauhaus.  

Gerrit Rietveldt would be very excited to see the resurgence of his design concepts in our steel windows. It is the minimalist nature of the slim steel framing which lies so close to the heart of “De Stijl” and the “Bauhaus movement”. The integrity of the materials is neatly presented. The steel surfaces are not completely slick. This displays the material itself in its most natural form.


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