Cleaning & Maintenance Procedure

for your new aluminium windows & doors.


Cleaning and Maintenance

No organic paint coating, like that on your windows and doors, is actually “maintenance free”. This is especially true when the new products are installed in coastal areas (like the Western Cape) or areas with a high level of industrial pollution. Here is the advice you need regarding the frequency and the recommended method for cleaning your new products. 

 The modern organic finish which we have applied to your windows and doors is identical to the coating on your car, and therefore requires a similar degree of care and attention to that which people lavish on their cars’ bodywork.

 The frequency of cleaning relates directly to the particular environment in which the products are situated.  In areas within the direct vicinity of salt water and/or industrial chemical plants, windows  should be cleaned at least every 3 months. In relatively cleaner environments, every 6 months should be sufficient.

 When cleaning the outside of products, the inside surfaces are often neglected.  After a period of time, grime and deposits from tobacco smoke, fireplaces, etc. can discolour the inside of the window frame.  We recommend that the inside of the frame be cleaned at least once per year.


Update Your Home


Are you looking to update your home’s visual aesthetic, save energy   and let in more light?  Updating your home’s windows and doors is the answer.

 A popular trend  in architectural design today is replacing windows with doors to incorporate transitional living into homes.  This trend is redefining home design for many  homeowners. You can fit a lot less frame and include a higher proportion of glass, which affords you the best views  of  the outdoors and maximizes light.  This creates a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.  


Steel Windows on Trend in Design Today


Gerrit Thomas Rietveld  was a Dutch furniture designer and architect. One of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement called “De Stijl”, Rietveld is famous for his Red and Blue Chair. He aimed for simplicity in construction and was invited by Walther Gropius to exhibit at the Bauhaus.  

Gerrit Rietveldt would be very excited to see the resurgence of his design concepts in our steel windows. It is the minimalist nature of the slim steel framing which lies so close to the heart of “De Stijl” and the “Bauhaus movement”. The integrity of the materials is neatly presented. The steel surfaces are not completely slick. This displays the material itself in its most natural form.


New Metal Windows showroom opens


If you want to check out the latest design trends in the world of Door and Window products then the Metal Windows showroom is the place to visit.  Come visit our showroom in the Tollgate Building, 12 Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock and see what Metal Windows products are all about.  With a vast range of materials, colours and designs it’s not difficult to see why we are the preferred Window & Door specialists in the Cape.

A carefully selected collection of products are on show, to operate and experience.  From hinged through folding and sliding doors.  An array of window configurations, materials and glass types, both  Steel and Aluminium  products, a variety of colour swatches and detail options are on display.  The Metal Windows showroom idea was conceived by MW CEO Larry Forman with the help of interior designer Haldane Martin.


Cape talk Larry Forman for Kieno Kammies

Kieno asked me to write a short specification to assist the listening public in avoiding this potential problem with their Aluminium windows. Avoiding the threat of burglary access through Aluminium windows.




Leeu Estates is the latest luxury hotel to open in Franschoek, the gourmet capital of South Africa’s Cape Winelands. It is part of the Leeu Collection owned by Analjit Singh, an international investor of Indian origin. An interesting point: – The Afrikaans word Leeu means Lion and is the Sanskrit derivation of “Singh”.

When you enter the Leeu Estates Hotel Manor House the feeling is that of a luxurious comfortable home. There are four bedrooms and two suites, each room individually designed. The unique design vision incorporates curved walls, solid wood Walnut floor boards and luxuriously proportioned rooms. In keeping with this, each bespoke window and door is unique, designed to maximize the exquisite views of vineyards and rolling lawns with a backdrop of the Franschoek Mountains.


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